RBS Market track


Oncology Referral Optimization

Optimizing referrals depends on much more than a slick advertising campaign; it comes from a true understanding of your market and strong, enduring partnerships with referring physicians.

As owners and operators of cancer centers, we know that patient volume is the key to weathering our unpredictable and volatile healthcare environment. We developed RBS Market Track for use in our cancer centers, based on the knowledge that understanding the market, and having the proper referral strategy in place, is essential to growth.

RBS Market Track offers:

  • Analysis. Utilizing the industry's most accurate and timely database of referral data, RBS Market Track provides robust analysis and clear, easy to read reports on referral trends and patterns by physician, group and specialty.
  • Strategy. We develop a specific, actionable outreach plan to help you maintain, strengthen and influence referring physician relationships, recommending the best use of your time and resources and taking into account your unique market conditions.
  • Resources. An option to embed a Physician Liaison in your program is available. If requested, RBS will recruit, train, and manage an onsite employee to execute the recommended strategic plan.
  • Due Diligence. RBS Market Track can also be used to assist in the development of new facilities and lines of service, by providing a thorough picture of the current referral trends by market, along with recommendations on the establishment and growth of a new referral base.

Contact us today to set up a free demo, and let us show you how RBS Market Track can help you to grow your market share… guaranteed.