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What We Know from the Habitat Model

Team RBS was proud to participate in our local Habitat for Humanity build this weekend. Although we’re all a bit sore today, it was a treat to watch our employees jump in and get dirty for a good cause! By the end of the day, our normally buttoned-down staff was covered in paint, drywall dust, and just plain dirt – and each and every one of them wore a grin from ear to ear.

If you haven’t participated in a project like this, I highly recommend it. Not only will you enjoy the rewards of helping those in need, but from an organizational perspective, it’s fascinating to watch the Habitat for Humanity model at work. Here are some of observations of the things that they do particularly well – and how we, at Radiation Business Solutions, strive towards some of those same principles:

Clear vision of the goal.  As we worked and sweated in the 90-degree heat, we were standing side by side with the new homeowners. In fact, the family wore bright red t-shirts that said “Future Homeowner” printed across the back. It’s hard not to be motivated to do a good job when you actually see the people who will be living under the roof and opening those kitchen cabinets every day.

At RBS, we remember that behind every piece of paper we touch, there is a real live cancer patient. Our staff regularly participates in events like Relay for Life and other local cancer-related fundraisers, not only to give back to our industry, but to help keep our focus on the patients that we ultimately serve.

Tools to do the job right. When you’re building a house, you need the right tools. While Habitat for Humanity prides itself on building at a low cost, they build quality housing – and you can’t build a house with a dull saw. Whether you needed a finishing nail gun, a miter saw, or a flat-head screwdriver, the tools we needed were always readily available, of high quality, and in good working order.

Similarly, we invest in the tools to do our jobs well. From state-of-the-art Mosaiq software to standing desks, our employees have the resources they need to do their best every day.

Education and teamwork. Working with a different group of volunteers every day must be a challenge. People come to the build site with all levels of construction experience – and most have little to none. The day starts with a safety meeting, followed by a thorough explanation of the work to be done and a detailed lesson on how to do it. But an interesting thing happens later in the day – as employees rotate around, pitching in where necessary, they teach each other. They share the tricks they’ve learned in their tasks, and help each other to become more proficient.

In a similar manner, we take the time to train our employees well, and we encourage continuing education by providing tuition assistance, as well as various job-related seminars and other training opportunities. Just like our Habitat counterparts, we then provide opportunities for our staff to share their knowledge with the team. By fostering this “train the trainers” environment, we have amassed tremendous bench strength and a large staff that is highly knowledgeable in our very specific industry.

Expectation of perfection. Our Habitat construction foreman wasn’t shy about telling us that, despite our inexperience, we were expected to complete our tasks perfectly. “Act like you’re building your own home,” he told us. “Don’t give less than your absolute best.”

We’re not afraid to ask for perfection, either. What’s interesting is, we usually get it. From managing collections to negotiating with payers, our team gives their best to the job every day. Our employees are committed to excellence; they treat every RBS account with the pride and respect they would show their own business.

Leadership with Passion. It must be said that one of the main reasons Habitat for Humanity has been able to help more than 1 million families worldwide is the passion their leaders exhibit for their work. From the Board of Directors down to the site leads, the enthusiasm and commitment for the cause is apparent, and engages donors and volunteers from around the globe.

At Radiation Business Solutions, every member of our team has a passion for the business of cancer care, and we’re committed to keep growing, keep learning, and keep improving the service we give our clients every day. We use the word ENCORE to summarize our guiding principles:

o Encourage others’ success
o New ideas; anticipate problems
o Create financial value for our clients
o Ownership of issues towards solution
o Reach for life balance
o Embody a positive approach

Finally: Don’t be afraid to get dirty.

As you can see from the photos, our team isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work. Need I say more?