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What Happens Next with Meaningful Use?

Posted by Mandy Pewitt, Director of Analytics and Information Technology

Andy Slavitt, Acting Administrator at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, posted today further clarification to statements that he made last week indicating that the Meaningful Use Program would likely go away by the end of 2016.

Slavitt’s comments indicate a recognition that the Meaningful Use Program was burdensome to many practices. However, he addressed that while the program is changing, this will not occur overnight. There is still quite a bit of work being done behind the scenes to refocus the MU program, which incentivized providers for adopting an electronic health record.

This is all in keeping with the goal that was stated last year that by 2018 fifty percent of Medicare payments will be linked to getting better results for patients, providing better care, spending healthcare dollars more wisely, and keeping people healthy.

You can read his blog here.