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Supporting Employees' Past Debts, Present Bills, Future Goals

Recently, I asked our team members about their long-term goals – both professional, as well as personal. I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that many of our employees, like many Americans, are looking forward to the day they can pay off their student loans. In an effort to help with this burden, Radiation Business Solutions held our first ever “College Loan Relief” Essay Contest. All full-time employees were eligible to participate.  The competition was fierce!  Essays were blindly judged by an objective outside party.

First place winner Aimee Hulse (Dosimetrist, Northeastern Nevada Radiation Oncology Center) won a $1,500 check paid directly to her lender. Aimee and her husband Brian (who also works at the center, and was our third place winner), both made major career changes in their 30’s and amassed a considerable amount of student debt. “It will be another two years of serious payments, but the notion of being out of debt is starting to look like a reality,” she writes. “We look forward to the day when all savings can contribute to our nest egg, and student debt is just a memory.” Brian and Aimee are saving toward their dream of someday owning a bed and breakfast in the Caribbean.

Our second place winner was Melissa Bilyeu (Lead Therapist and Manager, Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center). Melissa writes, “With the elimination of my student debt, all my time and effort can shift towards that of building a strong fiscal base.” She and her husband are in the process of buying a house in Alaska, and are saving for their children’s college expenses. Melissa received $1,000 paid directly to her lender.

Brian Hulse (Lead Therapist and Manager, Northeastern Nevada Radiation Oncology Center) received the $500 third place prize. “Going back to school later in life has set us back towards a normal retirement, but we hope to supplement the years of school and the debt associated with it by every possible option. RBS has been generous enough to offer me this opportunity to help reduce my student loan debt.”

At Radiation Business Solutions, we know it is to our benefit to support our employees’ educational goals. Thanks to everyone who participated!