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Secret Sauce Revealed!

I’ve been asked by more a few people for the recipe for my “Secret Sauce.” Sometimes they are asking about my famous steak marinade, but more often, the question is aimed at the success of Radiation Business Solutions. How does RBS manage to keep delivering outstanding revenue results, month after month? How did we manage to build three new cancer centers in remote areas, and how did we gain the trust of these communities? How did this little company in Tennessee manage to grow into a multi-million dollar organization, impacting cancer patients all across the country?

I think there are a lot of reasons we’ve become the company we are today. Here are just a few:
I could go on, but this would become a very long article. Let me just say that I truly believe our greatest strength is our people. From the billing teams, to the accounting staff, to the patient care teams at our centers, we hire the best – and then we treat those people with respect, and as valued members of the team. Of course we provide a competitive salary and benefits, but I believe we provide more than that: we have a structure that encourages everyone to participate, to grow, to contribute.

With loyal employees, we have little to no turnover, which means our clients have a stable team of professionals working for them day in, day out. Our clients know who to call when they have a question, or need us to run a special report. That long-term relationship is critical to our success.

From a practical standpoint, there are advantages to being headquartered in Tennessee (beyond Shelia’s sweet southern voice answering our phones!). With no state income tax, our costs are far less than those of companies based in other states. It makes it possible for us to pay a higher wage, and to offer exceptional benefits to our team.

That said, we expect a lot of our employees. There is no “status quo” at RBS. We ask our folks to continuously innovate, continuously think beyond the norm. We encourage new ideas, and we expect to be challenged on occasion. I saw a quote recently that said something like, “There is nothing more dangerous than the words ‘Because this is how we’ve always done it.’” I believe that’s true. We never want to get complacent. We want to keep growing, and keep improving.

With folks like Mandy, Alex, Melany, Barbara, and all the rest, I am confident we will do just that. If I could figure out how to bottle this Secret Sauce, I would. In the meantime, if you want the recipe for my steak marinade, just give me a call.