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Thoughts on Leadership

I met some very dynamic leaders last week. Some of them made themselves known almost immediately, jumping in with enthusiasm and passion and trying to grow consensus within the group. Some were more thoughtful, taking their time before contributing to our discussions, carefully determining their viewpoints and expressing themselves in polite, well thought out order. A few were quite reserved, but quickly got to work, analyzing the data and checking it for errors, respectfully outlining their position with well-defined action plans. And there were a few who gave quick, decisive input, offering very direct feedback to the others and driving the team towards results.

The dynamic leaders that I am referring to are actually the members of the RBS team, who engaged in a leadership training class last week. I already knew that every RBS employee plays a unique, significant role in our success, but I have to share that I was pleased to see our team members outside of their usual roles and challenged by some thought-provoking exercises. Courtney Lynch of Leadstar was an excellent presenter and meeting facilitator, making everyone feel comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. In other words, she pulled us out of our comfort zones and helped us to see not only our own strengths, but to see the strengths of our fellow team members in a different light.

Courtney shared with us the definition of leadership: A leader is someone who influences outcomes and inspires others. Leadership is not defined by notoriety, power, prestige, status, or job title. We all have the ability to lead, in our personal and professional lives, every day.

As a company, RBS continues to grow. We continue to add new clients and to provide new services to our existing clients. Our cancer centers are growing too; Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center and Southeast Radiation Oncology center are seeing more and more patients every day. Our business development company, RBS Evolution, continues to reach out in rural, underserved areas and soon will be bringing HOPE to another community that needs cancer care close to home. In the midst of all this growth, leadership is essential. I am proud to say that RBS has a team full of leaders – not just on the executive team, but in every position in the company.

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