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Guest Post by Carolyn White, Revenue Navigator

By Carolyn White
Revenue Navigator
Radiation Business Solutions


“What do you do?”

It's a question we all get.  The short answer for me is, I take care of cancer patients. I'm not a doctor or a nurse.  Officially, my title is "Revenue Navigator."  I work for Radiation Business Solutions, a radiation practice management firm based in Joelton, TN, and this week marks six years since I joined the team. For almost three years I've been in New York working for one of our clients, taking care of everything related to insurance for our patients and our client.

So, what does that mean? When a patient makes an appointment to our office, I verify and document their benefits and check their pre-certification requirements.  When the physician sees the patient and determines what course of radiation is appropriate, I work with the clinical team and their insurance pre-certification department in order to minimize lags in payments and potential post service denials.  One course of radiation can cost thousands of dollars, and can make the difference between ending the year in the black instead of the red.

I'm also available to meet with our patients and/or their families to discuss potential financial responsibilities for their radiation.  I have a close friend who asked about the cost for her therapy, and she was told they'd bill her insurance first and see.  How stressful!  Can you imagine going to the doctor every day, for up to nine weeks, wondering what you'll owe and how you'll pay your bills?  Many patients are pleasantly surprised by their coverage, and I can see a weight lifted by simply providing information. For our patients who do have significant deductibles and co-insurance, we discuss payment options and potentially apply for financial assistance.

My responsibility in the care of our patients is to ease the financial fear that comes with their diagnosis while maximizing revenue for our clients.