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Guest Blog: What Matters the Most by Rachel Mudd

By Rachel Mudd
Billing Specialist

On Tuesday, April 11th, I begin the trip of a lifetime- a trek to Mt. Everest Base camp!  Every day I get a little more excited!  But besides the fact that this is probably a once in a lifetime experience and an opportunity that I just could NOT pass up… this trip holds a special meaning for me.

Cancer is constantly touching the lives of the people around us. It has touched my personal life through friends and family members, and my work is submerged in it every single day.  For the past two years, my life has been full of insurance, claims, coding and numbers, numbers, numbers.  Dates, revenue numbers, cash collection numbers, outstanding accounts numbers, number of patients on treatment, number of days on treatment, coding numbers, diagnosis code numbers… patient ID numbers… birth dates… and somewhere the numbers must end... with names.  Names of PEOPLE.  Sometimes if you aren’t careful, you can get swallowed into the world of numbers and forget that it is someone’s grandmother, or father, or child that is surrounded by your numbers.  My company does an amazing job of keeping us focused on what matters the most.  I get to feel good about my job because we are not forced to forget the people behind our numbers, whether it is the dedicated physicians and therapists, determined patients, or supportive family members.

But this is a way that I can do more.  This trip is another way that I can lend my support.  This is another way that will directly ground me to the names, to forget the numbers for a while, and to honor the people that I have come to truly respect so much. The cancer fighters- patients, physicians, therapists…

The company that I am traveling with is called Radiating Hope.  Their goal is to provide and support cancer treatment resources for developing countries around the world.  The focus of this trip is Nepal.  Our team is attempting to raise $100K to go towards radiation therapy in Nepal.  So far the team has raised about $90K, but we still have a ways to go!  And nothing says we can’t raise more than that. 

If you are interested in contributing, please click here.   Thank you for your support!