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Guest Blog: "Changing My Perspective"

Today we have a guest blog written by Mackenzie Ward of our billing department.  Mackenzie offered to share her experience working at Radiation Business Solutions.

"If you are anything like me, you have been a patient at one point in your life. Not only that, but you have probably been a frustrated patient caught in the middle of your bills and the insurance company. You dread that phone call that you know you have to make and anticipate the hours on the phone that you may spend. Now imagine being a cancer patient and not only carrying the weight of your treatment, but also that weight of bills and insurance. Here at Radiation Business Solutions, we get the wonderful and rewarding opportunity to play the middle man for these patients. The go between the doctor and the insurance company. Before being an employee here, I had never worked in an environment quite like this. At RBS, our patients are more than an account number. They truly are the people that inspire us to do our job to the best of our ability day in and day out.

At Radiation Business Solutions, it's easy to come into work every day for many different reasons. First, it’s a very relaxed environment. We do have a very busy job in the sense that our work load requires that of us, but we can also take the time to converse with our fellow employees throughout the day and chat about who won or lost the football games last Saturday. That is something I really enjoy and can appreciate because I realize other work environments may not function in this way. Secondly, everything that is done is done with a sense of urgency. Everything is urgent. All the work that we do is for cancer patients, so the faster that we can get information out the door and to and from the doctor’s office, the faster the patients can receive and complete their radiation treatment. Thirdly, we get the opportunity to serve in remote areas where radiation treatment may not otherwise be accessible or even an option. Our RBS Evolution Sites offer radiation treatment in places where doctors and cancer care are readily available closer to the comfort of home rather than hundreds of miles away. Lastly, Radiation Business Solutions is an advocate for the patient. Here, it’s really not about the money. It’s about standing up for the patient when they may not have the strength to stand themselves. It’s about going to bat for the patient when they feel as though they have struck out. I was very blessed with this job opportunity. The opportunity to help those who deserve it the most.

Radiation Business Solutions offers more opportunities than most. We get the opportunity to do the small things that make a big difference. It’s an honor and privilege to be a voice for the patients and the doctors that we serve. The one thing that has impacted me the most by working here is that we get to do the easy part for our doctors and patients. The hard part comes to those who treat and battle cancer. Here at Radiation Business Solutions, we have and take the time to do the work that matters the most."

Thanks for sharing your story, Mackenzie!  We appreciate Mackenzie's passion for her work, and for all of the employees at Radiation Business Solutions who work hard every day to serve our clients and, most importantly, our patients.