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Dan's ASTRO Wrap Up


It’s a great time to be working in the radiation oncology industry, isn’t it?   We’re back from a week at the ASTRO annual meeting in San Diego where, as always, we found many things to be grateful for: the new technology unveiled, the progress shown in cancer research, and the sheer volume of shared knowledge in one place!  It was invigorating to be in the presence of so much hope.

I was especially encouraged and impressed by the new crop of residents who are entering the radiation oncology field.  I met so many great young physicians last week; their passion for cancer care and dedication to their patients make me very optimistic about the future. 

How about those Varian and Elekta reveals?  Kudos to both teams for the suspenseful build-up and exciting unveiling events.  Actually, just about every aisle of the Exhibit Hall had its share of new innovations.  So many patients will benefit from the new technology coming to market. 

I have to admit that one of my favorite events every year is the 5K Run for the Future to Benefit the ROI (and that’s not just because RBS is the host!).  I love seeing our industry come together – competitors running side by side for a good cause and having fun.  It’s a great reminder that we’re all in this for the same reason: to advance the fight against cancer.  Whether you’re a physician, a therapist, a researcher, or the representative for a new device or service, we all share the same goals and the same passion for serving patients.  Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who came out to participate. 

I returned from San Diego inspired, recharged, and more hopeful than ever about the future of radiation oncology. Many thanks to the ASTRO staff, the Radiation Oncology Institute (ROI), the GES team and all of the other folks who worked hard to pull off another exceptional meeting. 

We look forward to seeing you all in San Antonio in 2018!